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Delta IT Solutions Sdn Bhd

Delta IT Solutions Sdn Bhd

Home Service & Repairing LED Display

Customer satisfaction is our culture. We are happy to assist clients any time.


Before the order, we could support the clients with technical drawing, onsite checking if necessary, professional proposal, customized product design, etc. And during the order process, production status could be reported any time. We also could arrange shipment for the clients if it is needed.


And for the after-service, below is the details:


  1. If there are any quality issues occurred within warranty period, we will provide free maintenance service.


  1. During the warranty period, we shall take the single freight cost for repaired material. It means when the clients send the faulty parts back to us, the clients shall bear the freight cost. After the repair is done, we will pay the freight cost for the spares when we send them to the clients.


  1. Once warranty period expires, we shall provide a favorable price for maintenance service. Meanwhile, we shall not take any responsibility for freight cost.


  1. If any of the following circumstances happen, we shall not take any responsibility for the equipment troubles.
  2. A) Damage caused by inappropriate usage.
  3. B) Damage caused by fire, flood, earthquake and other natural disasters;
  4. C) Malfunction caused by misuse, including unauthorized disassembly, improper testing, etc;


  1. Cost for after-sales technical support.
  2. A) When the clients require installation and maintenance guidance, they should take full charge of the engineers’ fee.
  3. B) During installation and maintenance period, the clients shall try their best to assist the engineers’ work.
  4. C) The clients shall pay , RM400/day/staff.
  5. D) The clients shall bear all the expenses incurred, including meals, transportation fee, etc.