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Home Delivery Management System

Home Home Delivery Management System

Home Delivery Services for You

  • Automate your food, bakery or dairy delivery business
  • Set up an online store in a matter of days and offer your customers the added convenience of online ordering
  • Automate those tedious management functions and eliminate manual data entry
  • Respond quickly to daily fluctuations in product price and availability
  • Cater easily to customer preferences
  • Increase your sales to existing customers and recruit more customers online
  • Document your daily operations with a clean, clear paper trail
  • Reduce your workload and enjoy up to 50% more free time

Benefits for Your Customer

  • Enjoy fresh food, bread and milk delivered right to your door with ease and control!
  • Order from the privacy and comfort of your own home
  • Set up a regular standing order
  • Make last-minute changes or additions to your order
  • Order extra now for weeks in advance when you guests will be town
  • Enjoy the convenience of online ordering and payment