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RFID Cards

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically-stored information.

RFID technology provides wireless identification of people, books or assets. A RFID Tag or Card is attached to an object and contains information about that object.

We deals in

1. RFID tags
2. RFID Dry/Wet Inlay & Label:
Accurate appraisal and tracking products have become the basic demand in nowadays society, and will be the best competitiveness for retail market. Compared with the previous, for suppliers, retail traders, retailers, this technology can help to promote efficiency to max, reovide the most valuable products to ends customers.
3. RFID Tickets
4. NFC Label:

Benefits of RFID:

  • No line of sight is needed to read RFID
  • Multiple RFID Cards can be used.
  • No Human Error,

Access management: access control, tickets etc. the users only need to put the equipment which has stored the gate password close to the reader, and it can also apply to logistic management. Mobile payment: Users can get the equipment close to the POS machine which has embedded NFC module to Pay, and confirm the transaction.

Wireless connection: By means of NFC equipment to achieve point data transmission. Web browsing: Smart advertising, connection switching, simple blue-tooth matching, WiFi protection setting, call request, SMS, Products and equipment identification and so on.

5. Clothing label:

The clothing labels have the features of small volume, large capacity, long service life, repeatable use, fast read and wrote, invisible identification, mobile identification, So that they can achieve fast reading information and data inventory.

6. Tamper Evidents Label:

This tag can be applied to all kinds of non-metal dielectric paste products: Such as glass, furniture, plastic toys, etc. which can be customized for clients of any size, shape and using of anti-tearing electronic label.

7. UHF Anti-metal Tags
8. HF Anti-metal Label
9. HF Inlay:
10. UHF Inlay