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Delta IT Solutions Sdn Bhd

Delta IT Solutions Sdn Bhd

Home Network Managment

Working with Delta IT will ensure your computer network is always running, helping facilitate collaboration today, and enabling future growth for your business!


Whether you’re a new business, moving to a new building, or need an updated computer network, Delta IT  is an expert in network installation and cabling. Our team of highly-trained engineers will work with you to develop the best design for your business for an effective computer network, wireless network, or fiber optic cabling.

Reliable, High-Performance Network Cabling


With many different configurations of cabling, we will help design network cabling specifically for your business and computer networking needs. As experts in cabling, we follow simple steps to develop your complex, reliable network.

  1. Plan your cable infrastructure
  2. Select cabling components
  3. Implement cabling
  4. Test and label cabling
  5. Manage cabling infrastructure

Planning your infrastructure is the most important step in network cabling. Once we’ve established the goals you have for your network, we will build your system around your business. Example network goals are:

  1. Implementation of a new LAN
  2. Extending an existing network
  3. Network segmentation for legacy applications

Network Management System



Many businesses today opt for a combination of cabling and wireless networking. The ability to work wireless throughout your business allows for easy collaboration and file sharing. The advantages to a wireless network will help build your business and allow your employees to work more efficiently.

  • Ability to move freely within the office
  • Allows for many mobile devices
  • Helps the ease of sharing files and resources


  • Brings additional customers in
  • Handles larger amounts of users
  • Uploads are much quicker



Delta IT can help your business advance its technology with fiber optic cables. Fiber optics carry your communications quickly, so you can increase the amount of traffic in your network. If your business is growing, this is a great way to update your network structure to scale with you. Fiber optics are also less susceptible to interference, so your network will also be protected against electromagnetic pulses.


Your computer network is an essential part to your business and its efficiency. Working with Delta IT will ensure your computer network is running smoothly, helping facilitate collaboration, and enabling mobile device usage in your office. Call Delta IT to see how we can improve your network today.