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Desktop Application Development for leading IT support service provider to assist them in efficient Task Management across their organization.

What We Did

Delta studied the client’s existing application clearly which was done using a web based application. Based on the existing application and clients requirements, Delta has developed a customized desktop based application to cater the needs of the client. The application covers the user management, groups based login into the application, News and Events module, task management module, to do list module, reminder scheduling and reports generating feature.

  • Quickly assign tasks, allocate proper resources
  • A detailed breakdown of tasks to be completed
  • Effective prioritization on tasks
  • Clear reports to Automatic tracking of the time spent on tasks
  • Rapidly reassign tasks
  • View all a tasks in one place
  • The client wanted to develop a desktop based application which allocates and manages the task to the resource working in an organization. The reports regarding the task and status can be viewed based on the hierarchy level of the resources. They need to manage all aspects of a task, and increase the potential output of every team’s effort. The application must allow the Team lead to assign the task to a member and remain connect with others by knowing what’s going on, their shared priorities, and who owns each part of the effort.


  • Different type of users can be created with the different level privileges assigned to them
  • Tasks can be assigned to the users by their immediate head and based on the privileges
  • Each users can create a to do list for the task assigned to them
  • The task and the reports can be viewed based on the privileges and based on the hierarchical level
  • Some additional features include Reminder scheduling, Bulletin news display, accessing the windows features through the application