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Delta IT Solutions Sdn Bhd

Delta IT Solutions Sdn Bhd


Flexible LED Module

Flexible LED Module can shape Flexible LED Screens of different shapes for a striking and eye-catching display.According to the degree of bending and the pixel pitch divided into Flexible LED module and Super Flexible LED Module.Common:LED Sphere Display,Cylinder LED Screen,Circular LED Display,etc.Pixel Pitch:2mm-5mm

Flexible LED Curtain

Flexible LED Curtain Screen: P3.9/4.8/6.25/7.8/9.3/12.5/16/50/p20 Flexible LED Curtain .suitable for the temporary indoor outdoor stage design, the exhibition hall design counter design, the soft foldable installation is simple,Waterproof, fire preventionĀ foldable LED Screen Display.Pixel Pitch:3.9mm-50mm